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Himalayan Pink Salt the Purest Salt on Earth.

Himalayan pink salt is without doubt the purest and most beautiful salt on this planet. Its mined from ancient sea beds locked away from toxins and pollutants for 800 million years Its proper name is Halite or rock salt that gets it’s name from the Himalayan Mountain areas of Khewra Pakistan where it is mined after forming over 800 million years ago. Unlike our everyday salt open mined from ever increasingly toxic environment and oceans, then stripped of its minerals and bleached.

Its benefits became known in 356 BC when the near death from exhaustion, horses of Alexander the Great’s army miraculously recovered after licking the pink rock salt.

Why is Himalayan Salt so good?

In it’s raw form Himalayan salt contains over 80 minerals and trace elements essential for our health and includes an almost identical set of elements in similar proportions found in our body.

Soaking in a bath with a kilo of Himalayan salt added will alleviate those muscle or joint pain, while detoxifying and remineralizing your body. It also foliates and softens your skin while killing harmful fungal and microbial bacteria.

But then theres the fantastic health and dietary gift of Himalaya salt  Continue reading....

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