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The health benefits of Himalaya salt are endless but include

Certainly if you have any blood pressure problem, then Himalayan pink salt is for you. Yes, taking this mineral salt will actually benefit you in balancing blood pressure levels. With over 23,000 deaths in the United States alone each year, salt is often branded the baddy. But Himalaya salt although still sodium has those important minerals that normal salt does not. The fact that those minerals all work together to keep important body chemicals in balance, improves the bodies functioning which assists in its natural balancing of blood pressure.

So if you must take some salt - and you must - or you will die, then make sure its Himalaya salt. Throw out that processed white junk salt and use Himalayan salt in cooking and on the table - you will be improving your health and lengthening your life.

Some health experts even believe that Himalayan salt can increase libido, prevent premature aging while eliminating heavy metals from the body.

Cooking with Himalayan Salt Slabs

Give your food a better taste and healthy mineral content by using salt slabs to cook on or to serve cold dishes. These dense slabs of Himalayan salt conduct heat wonderfully and great for searing veggies, cooking shrimp, fish fillets, thinly sliced beef, bacon or even fry the eggs. Great for barbeque's. Or if your serving up cold fruits, sushi, veggies, cheese or cold desserts, just put the slab in the cooler first and serve from the cold salt slab.

Spelotherapy (salt therapy), utilizes Himalayan salt to address respiratory diseases and improve overall health. Although little known in the UK., it is widespread in Europe and the far east with millions of people visiting the salt mines to inhale the magical air. So having a few lumps of Himalayan pink salt around the house is considered a great benefit to health. ┬áSalt lamps make a beautiful, affordable and healthy addition to any room. Read more on how Himalayan salt lamps can improve your life.....